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iQTAXX delivers professional solutions that ease the tax-return process for our customers, while offering multiple benefits. When you choose iQTAXX as your tax services in Las Vegas , you receive the benefit of dealing with experienced professionals with the expertise to optimize your tax refund to its fullest potential. We minimize tax liabilities in our efforts to achieve the best end result for each client every time.

Free Initial Consultation

iQTAXX provides a free initial consultation to answer any tax-related questions that you might have. Give us a call at 702-871-7884 or schedule an appointment online.

Year Around Assistance

The offices at iQTAXX are open year round to provide you with assistance in any matter. Our staff will assist you with all correspondence related to your tax return including simple inquiries and full-scale audits.

Customer Satisfaction

Our office guarantees complete customer satisfaction with each and every prepared income tax return. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, your preparation costs are returned to you in full.

Guarantee of Accuracy

In an effort to provide the largest refund possible for your tax return, our certified preparers strive to deliver the most accurate information from start to finish. We search for all applicable deductions in order to limit your tax liability.

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As the deadline for income tax completion looms near, I generally find it difficult to sleep. Not anymore. Not since I discovered the tax services of iQTAXX, a professional company that makes the completion of tax returns look like a cake walk!...–Patty Orlik

Not only did I not have to stress out and review each page of my tax return five times, but I saved money! The staff at iQTAXX is truly knowledgeable and professional. They maximized my tax refund simply by locating all of the credits and deductibles that I was entitled to claim. I had no idea. I am so glad that I came here, and I recommend that you do the same...–Tony Ogre

What a fantastic job you guys did with my income tax return. I am so thrilled not to ever have to complete one of these forms on my own ever again. Your eye for detail and finding each available credit and deduction has me being a true believer. Thanks for the great work. Can’t wait to hand it all over to you next year...–Johann Parl

I really hate doing my taxes by myself, and yet I resisted my wife’s suggestion that I try the services of iQTAXX. I honestly can’t believe that I hesitated even for one moment. I am so pleased with the results that I guarantee I’ll be back again...–Justin Vand

After such a positive experience having my taxes prepared by the staff at iQTAXX this year, I know I am in good hands whenever I come here. They found every credit and deduction possible for my tax return, optimizing my refund to the fullest extent!..–Carol Swamson

We Listen to What Our Clients Say about Las Vegas Tax Services

We have the highest and most reviews in town! Here’s a sampling of what they have to say. “It’s so nice to have someone knowledgeable to help me with my taxes. I don’t know what I’d do without them.” Our clients recognize the fact that iQTAXX representatives are well versed in tax laws and accounting strategies. “They work really hard to answer my questions, get me the best tax refund possible, and help me to understand how I can save more each year. They ask me questions about my expenses throughout the year, searching for additional deductions and credits that can help me to realize a bigger refund at tax time.” Our clients appreciate our dedication to their interests, realizing that we truly do care about them and their financial well-being. Our clients also like that they have access to our tax specialists all year long so that they can get the answers to their questions when they think of them. “I appreciate being able to call my iQTAXX representative up any day of the year to check up on a particular matter or to be able to talk about a letter that I received from the IRS. It’s great not having to wait until tax time to do so.”

iQTAXX strives to answer our clients questions

Our FAQ and tax education sections on our website are informative and helpful. “Browsing through the website is so helpful. It gets me thinking ahead of time of ways that I could handle my financial resources better and more profitably. iQTAXX really cares about the people they serve.”
Please join our loyal following of clientele and discover for yourself just how helpful,
knowledgeable, honest, and dedicated our iQTAXX representatives really are.

iQTAXX offers the following services

Electronic Tax Filing

Processing your taxes electronically is the fastest method available, and it enables you to receive your tax refund more quickly than any other method. When you send in your taxes electronically to your state’s Department of Revenue or the IRS, your taxes are processed quickly, ahead of paper returns since immediate access is possible.

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Online Tax Preparation

Traditional paper tax returns are giving way to online tax preparation due to the simplicity and ease of use that this method of preparing your taxes offers. Our online tax preparation software is convenient to use, eliminating the need to make an appointment or sit around waiting for your turn to see one of our professionals. You save both time and stress!
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Las Vegas Tax Services

iQTAXX delivers professional solutions that ease the tax-return process for our customers, while offering multiple benefits. When you choose iQTAXX as your tax services in Las Vegas , you receive the benefit of dealing with experienced professionals with the expertise to optimize your tax refund to its fullest potential.

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Bidding a sad farewell to Leonard Nimoy. His legacy lives on.

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#tbt President Johnson signs the Revenue Act of 1964, reducing federal tax rates. 51 years ago today.

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Random history: Happy Birthday, George Harrison. (1943)

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Are you a a member of an airline flight crew? We have a checklist for that! Check the one on our website to make sure you’re getting all the deductions you deserve!

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Tax time doesn’t need to be made even tougher – so protect yourself against scammers! These items from a recent ABC News article have some helpful tips on how to avoid them:

The fake IRS agent. Thousands of consumers nationwide have been getting phone calls from people posing as IRS employees. The scammers tell the consumer they’ve been audited and owe back taxes and say that if the person doesn’t pay right away, the matter is going to court. In some cases, they threaten immediate arrest and with immigrants, they may also threaten deportation. The bogus agent instructs the victim to send payment for their back taxes immediately, often by a pre-loaded debit card. The scammers have grown in sophistication, using “spoofed” fake phone numbers on their victims’ caller IDs. They may claim they’ve have already mailed information about an upcoming court date.

How to avoid it: Remember, the IRS will never contact you by phone or email if you owe money; nor will they ask for your personal financial information. If you owe the government money, you’ll get a bill in the mail. If you receive a scam call, hang up and report the number to and

The stolen refund. This scam hit hard last year and officials are bracing again. Scammers use stolen Social Security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns and have the tax refunds sent directly to them. Most victims don’t find out until they try to file their own tax return and are told that someone else has already filed using their information. The IRS says it has flagged 19 million suspicious returns, but the scam is so prevalent, consumers continue to fall victim.

How to avoid it: Keep your Social Security number – and your children’s numbers – private. File your tax return as soon as possible, to beat the scammers to it. If you become a victim, get a police report right away and also report the theft to the IRS. Fill out an identity theft affidavit at The bad news: it will take about 120 extra days before your return can be processed, and you’ll need to check your credit report for other fraud.

The bogus tax return preparer. The vast majority of return preparers are honest, but there are shady ones that set up shop and prepare false returns for a big percentage of the refund.

How to avoid it: Beware any tax return preparer that promises a big refund before looking at your records.

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