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IQTAXX – Tax Services in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Tax ServicesOpen year round for the convenience of our customers, our professional office provides several different types of tax services in Las Vegas including tax preparation, payroll, and bookkeeping. Each of these services is performed by experienced professionals with the appropriate training. Our goal is to assist your business in staying on top of essential tasks, not only to streamline your current needs, but also to simplify your tax preparation when the time comes to complete your income tax returns.

Las Vegas: Tax Preparation

Our tax preparation services are all-inclusive with the rates varying according to the specific income tax form selected for use. Your particular circumstances dictate which form is required for proper filing.

Currently our rates for tax preparation and filing are as follows:

Form 1040EZ: $19

Form 1040A: $99

Form 1040 Long: $169 (This fee covers the cost of preparing and filing a single Schedule A and Schedule C form. Any additional forms that are required in order to properly file your taxes will result in an additional expense.)

Form 1120, 1120S and 1065: $299

Las Vegas Payroll Taxes

In addition to tax preparation and bookkeeping services, IQTAXX has payroll capabilities, enabling us to provide your company with affordable payroll services that have the ability to ensure your business is compliant with the law.

Your payroll service includes the following services:

  • Paychecks at a cost of $19 per check
  • Quarterly reports and payments at a cost of $75 per quarter

Our paycheck rates are more than reasonable, putting your expenses at a much lower level than the rates charged by many of the leading national brands.

Las Vegas Bookkeeping

tax services in las vegasAs part of the tax services that we provide in Las Vegas and the surrounding communities, the offices of IQTAXX offers monthly bookkeeping services at a cost of $175 per month. At this time, a full year’s bookkeeping service costs $2400 per annum. Our offices do more than add up the numbers and turn them into you in monthly reports. Our professionals keep your business in compliance with the latest accounting standards, while also looking for ways to optimize your company’s profitability.

Your Bookkeeping program includes the following services:

  • Monthly bank reconciliation ( 1 account)
  • Sales tax filing
  • Quarterly Profit and Loss reports
  • Balance Sheet reports
  • Payroll for two employees (Quarterly reports at a cost of $75 per quarter)

In addition to these services, our tax office is prepared to take 20% off the total bookkeeping cost for your company if we also handle your credit card processing services. We can offer the lowest rates and fees with your satisfaction guaranteed for this service. We can also deliver free local tech support as well as free charge-back support.